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a life in rubber
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Below are the 16 most recent journal entries recorded in rubberlucas' LiveJournal:

Sunday, December 31st, 2006
2:22 pm
happy new year
I have neglected my journal the last months, but I want to better my life the next year. Anyway, best wishes for 2007 to all of you who read this.
Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
2:32 pm
It has been a while sins I wrote a new entry. Not that I didn't want to, but I just couldn't find enough time to write something down. Last week, I had an experience I just want to share. I went jogging in a park after my eveningmeal. As usual, I put on my black latex overall. I love the feeling, and it makes you sweat even more than in a 'normal' jogging outfit.
After some warming up I started to run around for about half an hour. Then I did some stretching exercises to cool down slowly. Normaly there are only a few people in that part of the park, only some people who let their dog out and walk a long time.
Suddenly I heard a clicking sound behind me. I turned around, and I saw a woman in a nice short dress that had just taken a picture from me with her phonecamera. It was Nicole, that I met earlyer in the park and went to shop for rubber clothes for her. She excused herself for taking the picture, but she was so intrigued by my outfit that she had to take a picture. I told her I didn't mind, and I asked her to take a few more if she promiced to send them to me by mail.
Nicole told me she had been walking around just to try to see me. When I told her the sweat was standing to above my ankels in the feet of the suit, she asked me what I was wearing as underwear. I told her 'a latex slip of course'. She asked me to see it, and I asked her not to be offended by what she would see. I was wearing my slip with sheath for my penis and balls. I opened the three-way-zipper from my suit, and showed her my encased penis, that filled up the sheath nicely because of her attention. She couldn't resist to touch it, and took a picture of it also. She then came back to me, and begun to rub herself against my rubber covered body. We went a little further away form the path behind some bushes. There was a little hidden lawn, that was well known by the local youth. She pulled down her panties, and lifted her dress. I could see she had an almost bald pussy. She had just left a small verticas band of hair. She came back to me and rubbed her pussy against my leg. Although I had used some lubricant to shine the rubber, I could see the wet tag she left. She was so hot she slid easily against the latex. Then I got down on my back, and she began to ride my dick as a real amazone. Because of the rubber covering, I was less sensitive and I could hold on a long time, while she came more than once. In the end, I came too, and we were both exhausted.
I got the pictures, and i post a few of them here. Some other you can see on Flickr. We now chat nearly daily. I hope this relation go's on in the future!
Monday, February 20th, 2006
4:26 pm
Shopping for latex clothes in Brussels
Last week I went with Nicole, the woman I met in the park, to the shop in Brussels where they sell latex and rubber clothes. We went there by train. We met each-other in the station of Antwerp. I had put on some latex clothes: a pair of black latex trousers and a blue T-shirt. I wore a raincoat over it, because it was raining all day. Nicole wore a raincoat in red imitation leather. She unbuttoned it when she entered the station, and I could see she was wearing a red lack miniskirt and a black blouse under the coat.
Because it was in the middle of the day, only few people were on the train. We had a compartment on our own. We put out our coats and sat down on opposite seats.
I asked Nicole if she had enjoyed the latex slip with dildo that I gave her the time before. She told me she had put it on to go to sleep that evening, and had kept it on the next day while she went to work at the office. She had felt aroused nearly all day. One of her colleges asked her if she was all right because her cheeks were very red all day. At the end of the afternoon, she had to take off the slip because it became to much for her to keep the dildo constantly in her pussy. She didn’t have a slip with her, so she had to spend the last hour on the office and the way home naked under her skirt. The next days she didn’t wear the slip anymore during office hours, but she put on the slip as soon as she came home, and she let out her dog wearing it.
Suddenly, she took my hand and lead it under her skirt. There I felt that she was wearing the slip that moment. I gently started to give little pushes on the dildo in her pussy, and Nicole started to breath a little faster, closing her eyes. Suddenly we heard the door of the wagon open and shut, and Nicole pulled down quickly her skirt. It was the controller for our train-tickets.
A few minutes later we came in a station and more people entered the train, so we had to stop our games and chat about other things.
In Brussels we directly went to the 'Gallerie du Centre' and entered the Boutique Minuit. A friendly woman accompanied us to the section with the latex clothes. Nicole was stunned by the quantity and diversity of the latex clothes in the shop. She started to look at the clothes, and the surprised look didn’t disappear from her face. She asked if she could try some clothes on, and the woman showed her a little room at the back, where she could try them on. The two women disappeared, and I waited looking around in the shop. Suddenly Nicole appeared wearing a green latex skirt and matching top. It looked good on her, as she walked around to show herself to me. She went away saying she would try to surprise me. I got very curious.
After a few minutes, Nicole came back, wearing a transparent body that covered her from her toes to her neck, only leaving her hands and head free. Under it I saw she was wearing the red dildoslip and a red latex bra. Luckily there wasn’t anyone else in the shop. Nicole was very excited and her nipples were trying to pearce trough the latex. She asked me if I would buy the transparent suit, then she would buy a dress herself. I agreed, and Nicole went back. After a few minutes, the woman of the shop took me down to the counter to pay for the suit. A few minutes later Nicole came to us, wearing her coat closed and a plastic bag in her hand. I could see her legs were still covered with the transparent latex. I got excited thinking of her covered in the transparent latex, the short red skirt and black blouse and walking in town. Nicole payed for her dress (that I hadn’t seen yet) and we left the shop. It was noon, and I got hungry, so I asked Nicole what we were going to do. We could go back to Antwerp and go to her place, or we could search for a restaurant to eat. I warned her we would be looked at in a restaurant because I was wearing my latex pants and shirt. Nicole said she didn’t mind, and she said she would like to experience herself the attention we would get.
We entered a small restaurant and went to a table in the corner. I stood behind her when I took her coat, and directly turned around to hang it on one of the hooks on the wall. I hung my own coat away, and returned to Nicole. I froze in my movements when I looked at her. She was wearing a red rubber dress with long sleeves, that fitted around her body as a second skin. I had the feeling my mouth fell open from surprise, and stayed that way. I seemed to me we stayed frozen for several minutes before she said: ‘Let’s sit down, or do you want to eat standing?’
When we were ordering, I noticed the waiter couldn’t keep his eyes from Nicole’s dress, although he tried not to show it. During the meal, we saw a lot of different faces at our table. It seemed that we never saw the same person back, and all the people that worked in the restaurant came to look at us. Also other guests in the restaurant looked many times at us, the men undoubtedly interested in Nicole. The women reacted differently. Some of them looked curious, but other women looked at us with a sort of disgust. One English speaking woman told her husband not to look at Nicole with an open mouth, and got mad when he couldn’t resist looking at Nicole again when we were standing up to leave.
In the train back home, we laughed about that incident. Back in Antwerp, we separated at the station, because I had to go home because I expected some visitors that evening, and I couldn’t receive them in my latex clothes, covered with sweat.
We first promised to get together again very soon.
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
2:44 pm
the visit
I just came back from my visit to the woman in the park. We enjoyed us very much. I went to her home, wearing the same outfit as the day before but I also put on a slip with sheath. You never know… Over the outfit I wore a long coat because it was very cold, and I didn’t want to give the neighbors a reason to gossip.

When I rang at her door, she opened and invited me in. She looked a little nervous, and offered me a drink. I started with showing a few magazines like ‘Rubberist’, ‘Skin Two’ and ‘O’ to give her an idea about what was available in latex clothes and related materials. She was pleasantly surprised about the beautiful clothes in the magazines. I then opened the sac with the clothes I brought with me, so she could look at them and feel the material. She at once liked the light-green skirt and a red top with a zipper at the back. There was also a white latex dress and a black mini-dress. I also brought a pair of long black latex stockings with me, together with a red slip and bra. I had also put a slip with build-in dildo in the sac. This made her blush a little.

She told me then she loved to try some of them on, but she didn’t want to change clothes in front of me so she took al the clothes into the bedroom. I gave her a few tips how to put on latex clothes, and a bottle of baby-powder. A few minutes I heard a lot of noise coming from the latex clothes being put on. Then she appeared in the door, wearing the white dress and black stockings. She looked great in them. She gave me a digital camera, and asked to take some pictures from her. She posed in her sofa, her kitchen and laying on the bed. Then she worked me out of the bedroom, saying she was going to change her outfit. After a few minutes, she called me. She was standing in the bedroom with the black stockings and the light-green latex skirt on. She stood with her back to the door, and asked me to close the red top. She couldn’t close the zipper at the back.

We started to take some more pictures, and now she became more and more daring. She took some erotic poses, and showed me the latex slip she was wearing. I immediately noticed it was the slip with the build-in dildo. Suddenly she was sitting on her sofa, her feet apart on a little table so that I had a great view on the slip. She started to move the dildo slightly in and out her latex covered pussy. She told me she didn’t want to fuck because she was married, but She wouldn’t mind me masturbating. I took of the catsuit and pants, and masturbated myself in the latex slip with sheath and blue latex t-shirt. Now we were both masturbating ourselves, still covered with a thin layer of latex but that didn’t hide much. We both came about the same moment. I asked her if I could use her bathroom to clean me up a little, and she gave me a towel to take a quick shower.When I came out of the bathroom, I was only wearing my black latex pants, because I cleaned the t-shirt and it was still a little bit wet and difficult to put on. The woman came out of the bedroom wearing a big t-shirt. She asked if she could keep the slip with te dildo, because she liked wearing it. In fact, she didn’t want to put it out and was still wearing it!

I agreed she could keep the slip, and she kissed me to thank me for it. We chatted while I was putting the rest of the latex clothes in my sac, and we agreed to go together to the shop in Brussels to buy some clothes for her. She wanted to get my advise and someone to see if the clothes she wanted fit her. Maybe you’ll hear more from me next week after we went shopping.
11:22 am
jogging in latex
Yesterday I went jogging in a park nearby. The sun was shining but the temperature was not very high, about 7°C. I had put on some tight latex pants with attached feet, a latex T-shirt and my black latex catsuit. The clothes were very tight-fitting, and enclosed my body as a second skin. I drove to the park with my car, and parked it near the entrance. The double layer of latex was surprisingly warm, especially when I was running in the sun. After a few minutes, the sweat was running down my body. I could feel it gathering in my the legs of the pants.
Suddenly a dog came running and barking at me. When I stopped, the dog calmed down, and I could take the leach. A young woman came to me, and thanked me for catching her dog. He ran away from her a few minutes ago. I kept petting the dog, and she kept talking. I noticed that she was looking at my suit. Suddenly she asked if the suit I was wearing was a sort of aerodynamic suits as ice-skaters use in their races. I told her it wasn't the same thing, because the one I was wearing was made from latex. Before I knew, I told her I only wore latex at that time. She looked surprised and curious and asked me if she could touch me to feel the material. She told me she was interested in trying something in latex on herself, and asked me where she could buy latex clothes. I told her I usually went to Brussels to buy my latex clothes, but that I would be happy to let her try on some clothes from my collection. I have enough latex women's clothes that would fit her. She asked me to come at her house today. I'll go to her this afternoon.
Friday, January 13th, 2006
11:11 am
A few days ago my girlfriend surprised me with a great present. I used to have a full covering overall in black latex, but I wore it often and the armpits were torn. I had to cut off the sleeves to keep the rest of the outfit intact. She bought me a new overall, but this one was without a hood and hands. It has however the advantage to have a zipper that goes through the crotch, so you don’t have to go to the toilet or to … yes, you are right.
My girlfriend gave me the present while wearing a latex outfit herself: transparent latex stockings, a short green skirt and red top. Underneath she wore a red latex slip.

With the use of some baby-powder I got in the outfit that fitted my body as a second skin. It felt great to wear the tightfitting thin layer of latex. My girlfriend then took a bottle of latex-polish, and started to shine up the whole suit. She took some time shining up the latex, and enjoyed rubbing my body, especially when she got to the middle part of my body.

The doorbel rang, and the pizzaboy that brought us our pizzas was frozen for a moment as we opened the door in our latex outfits. When he left, we saw him looking back a few times. We stayed in our latex clothes for the rest of the evening, eating our pizzas and looking at ‘The matrix reloaded’ on DVD.

After the film, we went to the bedroom. A white rubber sheet covered the bed. We got down on the bed and caressed each other. I felt her nipples getting hard under the latex top, and her slip was so slippery of her juices that I easily press the latex a little inside to caress her. My dick was pushing against the suit, and she slowly opened the zipper in my crotch. She came to sit on top of me, pulled her latex slip aside and began to ride my lap. We made love for some time, and then went to the bathroom to take a shower. Inside our latex clothes, the sweat was running down our bodies. Afterward we went back to bed. Only covered by the rubber sheet, we both soon fell asleep.
Monday, December 5th, 2005
2:31 pm
I went to the party, and sure it was a surprise. Everyone was dressed in the theme: extravaganza!!
Just now my camera wouldn't work, so I took some pictures with my cellphone. The quality is not great due to the poor light, but they give a good view. You can see these pictures on my Flickr-account: www.flickr.com/photos/81065180@N00/.
Friday, December 2nd, 2005
8:42 am
This weekend is the promised surprise party. I'm curious how it will be.
Friday, November 25th, 2005
9:16 am
It has been a while that I wrote a new part in my diary. I have been busy with my pictures on Flickr. ( www.flickr.com/photos/81065180@N00 ) If you are curious to see my pictures, visit the site. I have taken some pictures from people in latex and rubber clothes. This was fun. I made a selection of these pictures, together with some old pictures.
Most of the photo shoots are only that. I take the pictures from people that own latex and rubber clothes themselves, or sometimes I give them my collection to use during the shoot.
The last shoot I did, I used a large light-blue plastic I hung from the ceiling in a curve to the floor, so I became one background without any lines. The two girls and their friend that came for the shoot had some latex clothes of their own, and used some of mine to. They just wanted pictures from them in the clothes, nothing special. You can see a few of them on Flickr. I was surprised when they also had some PVC clothes with them, and some PVC and rubber 'big baby-pants' and -clothes.
I loved the sight, and tried something on myself. Next week we come together for some fun. I'm curious about the things we'll do. They are going to give a surprise-party they said.
Thursday, September 8th, 2005
1:39 pm
An evening out
My computer crashed about two weeks ago, so I 'm late to update my journal. I promised to write more about the evening out with the two women I met at the beach. We went to a disco, and we got much attention, dressed in rubber clothes as we were. We danced a lot, and we lost a lot of sweat. At the end of the evening, I was glad I had parked the camper out of sight, and for the shower inside. We had to undress outside because otherwise we would have a flood inside. When the women returned home, they promised to make contact again.
Thursday, August 18th, 2005
2:20 pm
I had a few days vacation, and I went away with my camper. It's my mobile 'rubber room' and I often go on holiday with it. I took all my latex and rubber clothes with me, and I'm glad I did.

I went to the beach, and parked my camper on a quiet place. I put on a black latex short and blue latex T-shirt to go out to the beach. I put my towel and the T-shirt on the camping-chair I brought with me, and I went in the water. This part of the beach between two villages wasn't crowded. I stayed about half an hour in the water. When I came out, I saw that two women, that were sunbathing when I came, had moved and were laying only a few meters away from my chair. When I came closer, they looked at me curiously. Then one of them asked me if I liked latex clothes. she told me they got curious when they saw me coming on the beach, and they had come closer to have a loser look at the T-shirt (and a closer feel too I think). Susan had a latex dress she once put on to go to a dancing on an 'extravagance night', but she didn't dare to put it on another time yet. She was a little afraid from the reactions of the people she knew that saw here. I told her that, if she wanted to wear a latex dress on vacation where nobody knew her, I could lend her and her friend some latex clothes. She wasn't sure about it, but after a while I persuaded her to have a look at the clothes in my camper. When she saw the pants, T-shirts, dresses, skirts and underwear I had in latex, she said she would try to put something on. Diana, her friend, kept aside. Susan asked me to go out while she changed, and promised to show me what she put on. I stepped outside, and waited impatiently. Diana wanted to leave also at first, but Susan persuaded her to stay to help her choose and get dressed. I heard stumbling and giggling in the camper for a while, and suddenly the door went open. Susan came out. She wore a black catsuit with attached feet, and a short red dress with long sleeves over it. Here black gleaming legs contrasted beautiful with the red dress. I was even more surprised when I saw Diana comming out. I didn't think she would have tried something on, but she also wore some of my latex clothes: transparent stockings, a black skirt with colored stripes on the front and a purple top. I asked if they had found the underwear too, and as an answer Diana turned her back on me and lifted the skirt. She wore a red latex slip.
We ate in my camper, all three dressed in latex, and that evening we went to a town nearby to go out. But now I have to end this part of the story. I'll tell the rest later.
Monday, August 1st, 2005
12:28 pm
new clothes photo's
Thursday I bought a new overall. I went to a parc to go jogging in it to try it on. It fits well.

I've put some photo's on the net on www.flickr.com/photos/81065180@N00 Hope you enjoi them.
12:14 pm
just another day in rubber
A few days ago I reacted on an ad in which a woman searched for contact with lovers of latex clothing. We should meet on a parking space near a big road. I had to dress in latex, so she could recognize me at once. I put on black latex trousers and a green T-shirt in the same material. My underwear was also in rubber. In fact, the only thing in an other material were my shoes.

I arrived on time, so I had to wait. I observed the people passing by. Some of them looked strait ahead as if I was not there. Others looked at me as if I came from an other planet. A young woman that passed by looked me in the eyes and said “These clothes must be hot in the sun” as she went by. A group of young girls (15 or 16 years old) were whispering and giggling as they passed by. Some of them looked back when they walked on.

About 10 minutes after the appointment time a car stopped, and the woman behind the wheel asked me to get in. She wore a black latex coat, a blue latex dress an her legs were covered with a thin layer of transparent rubber. Her hands ware also covered with thin latex gloves. She asked to put on a blindfold because she didn’t want we to know where she lives. Some time later she drove in a garage. The door shut automaticly. The house we entered was big and tastefully decorated. The big garden was surrounded with bushes and trees so that the neighbours couldn’t see anything.
The woman, I’ll call her Diana, put out her coat. She looked very well in her tightfitting blue latex dress. Her nipples were visible against the thin rubber, and I saw she didn’t wear anything under it. We sat down at a table on the terras, and drank a glass of champaine. In the meanwhile I saw a glimp of her red rubber pants at the end of her transparent rubber stockings.

After a drink and some chatting Diane took me to a room with a bed with rubber sheets and pillows. She gave me some clothing, mainly in transparent rubber. She told me to put them on, and took some clothing herself as she left.

I pulled of my own rubber clothes, and began to dress up. The clothes I had to wear were transparent pants with a penis sheath, a tranasparent shirt and gloves. It was strange to see me totaly dressed, but every detail of my body clearly visible. Over it I put on an overall in transparent latex, complete with feet and hands. I went back to the terras as I was told. My hostess waited there for me, and for a moment I was speachless. Diana was, just as I, dressed in transparent latex, but the transparency was reduced by the different layers. I could see she had the same stocking on, a closefitting body, a dress and a vest.

Diana pulled me close to her, and she started to caress my body. My dick reacted soon, and pressed itself against the rubber overall. The sound from rubber on rubber was as music in our ears. I caressed her breasts and her nipples were firm under the rubber. When she caressed my penis, I let my hand go down over her belly and hips. The elastic rubber went easily between her wet lips, and a few moments later she had an orgasm. After a while of caressing each other, we pulled of the outer layer of our clothes.

Diana kept dressed in a transparent rubber body with long sleeves, and her stockings. I kept on the trousers with penis sheath and the shirt. I noticed the body had little openings for her nippels, and an opening between her legs. I could not hold myself, and I likked her nippels and sucked them in my mouth. Diana told me to lay down on a blanket on the ground, and sat down on my chest with her back to me. I had a lovely sight on her wet pussy an rubber covered bottom. She moved to my head so that my mouth was covered with her lips. I licked these lips softly, while she put my rubber covered dick in her mouth. She teased me by going up with her hips so I couldn’t reach her with my tung, and then pressing her pussy on my face so I had difficulty breathing.

Suddenly we were disturbed by a black figure that came out of the house with two plates of food. The man, I saw that clearly because his tight black rubber overall showed the details of his body, went back inside. Diana told me it was her husband, who was locked up inside his overall by her, and who liked to see his wife playing with other men.

After having a meal in our rubber clothes, Diana asked me if I liked to go on a walk with her.

I put on my black rubber trousers and a blue shirt. Diana put on a green latex dress with a black trim and long black handshoes. We went for a walk in the woods nearby (but I was blindfolded again). While we were walking, we met some people that reacted as others did at the meetingpoint. Suddenly a young couple spoke to us and asked about the material of our clothes. The girl looked very interested and asked some adresses where she could by these clothes. When Diana put the girls hand on my arm to feel the rubber, the girl blushed. She blushed even more when Diana put the man’s hand on her breast to feel the rubber too.

When we got back, I made some photo’s from Diana in various outfits. At the end Diana pushed me in her swimingpool, and came in the water too. Because of the water between our transparent rubber ‘underwear’ and our skin, we seemed to be naked. At the end, we made love near the pool.

After having a shower I put on my own rubber clothes, and Diana took me back to our meeting point. When I left, she gave me a present: the blue rubber overall I’m wearing now.
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
3:55 pm
sweatty shopping
Here I am again. Yesterday I went shopping in a big store (IKEA) dressed in a black latex short and a blue latex T-shirt. Because it was very hot that day, the sweat was running down my body when I walked from my car to the entrance. I enjoyed the attention of a few women that were loading their car. I heard them say is was very hot, the clothing and the temperature!
When I entered it was a relief because it was cool inside, so I didn't sweat that much anymore. I went through the shop to the place where the shelfs were displayed. I asked a female employee some information. At first, she couldn't get here eyes of me, but she acted as if I wore normal clothes. While helping me take a few big boxes, she 'accidentally' touched my clothes. When we had loaded my cart, she told me "have a nice day, and don't sweat to much".
When I went out, the heat made me sweat as if I took a shower. The drops ran down my legs. I had to put a plastic on my seat.
At home I was glad that my bathroom was near the entrance. When I took of my shoes, every step I took was a wet spot on the floor. I took a shower with my latex clothes on. The latex clings as a second skin to your body when it is soaking wet. I took of the latex T-shirt and short, still under the water. I then dried myself, and went to the kitchen to drink a few glaces of water. wearing rubber and latex has the same effect as having a sauna!!
rubberlucas @ yahoo.com
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
9:29 am
Hello again
Hello again,

This is my second contribution to my diary. I'm going to write about my "rubber life", and hope the readers will enjoy it and maybe react.
I'm dressed in my black rubber pants, a blue T-shirt and black vest. My underwear is also in rubber. The sun is shining, and I'm going for a walk.
I'm back. I took my camera with me. I hope I can put a picture of me in this journal. I have to find this out.
I went to the park. Some people I met pretend not noticing anything strange, other people stare at me as if I'm an alien. A group of girls about 16 years old passed me giggling. When they passed me, they looked back.
I didn't make a long walk today. This evening, I'm going to a birthdayparty. We have to dress up. The theme is 'extravagance", just my thing. I'll be back.

Current Mood: excited
Monday, May 30th, 2005
2:34 pm
my first entry

This is my first entry on live-journal. You will find more later. I thank you for your interest. I'm already excited to start my diary.
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